The English Devushka
(The English Girl)

BoD Books on Demand, Norderstedt, Germany ISBN-No. 978-3-8391-7355-8
Online January 2011 Bookstores February 2011

Novel - Author Marleen Powell

The author was born 1948 in England. She grew up in England and Germany, her father was a German Prisoner of War, her mother British. After the fall of the Berlin Wall she was convicted of spying for the Soviet Union and East Germany, the German Democratic Republic. Her novel, a tightly woven biography of an adventurous and open-minded woman, describes her exciting experiences and insights within the time period from 1945 until 2010, with tragic events concerning the leading character during the fall of the Berlin Wall. The novel describes the stations of her life, in which she stood between the front lines of the English and German families even before she was born. The many identities she later had to acquire, brought some light behind the scenery of politics, but it also taught her what it meant to be a woman in a man dominated world. Even more so, as she is, cautiously said, a very hardheaded, intelligent woman, who passionately observes and enjoys the relationship between the genders. She plunges into the adventure of the new world that opens to her. But, during her private roles and duty in the West and behind the Iron Curtain, she also has to make decisions for the love of her life, for Russia, especially for the Soviet Union and for the communist ideology. Her path as a double agent in the Cold War, from London to Berlin and Moscow via a divided Germany leads her into a confusing labyrinth in East and West, a path until today incomprehensible, as she not only withstood all interrogations, scarcely giving information to her escapades during her work within fundamentalist groups and Intelligence Agencies in Berlin,Germany. With high tension, epic breath and intensive psychological observation, the author weaves her main characters into the different levels of reality. And we see clearly: the tightly woven biography of this child, girl, woman.......... tells the story of many other lives, and certainly our own.

The author is 62 years old, active skydiver, artist and writer of poems, violinist, and 'peacemaker'. She lives with her husband, a retired Sgt. Major of the US Army in the United States of America.

"My marriage is a storm-proof bilateral agreement between a capitalist and a communist - a perfect marriage, with tidal waves, foam and ebb"

So many people come into my life and have definite views of my life, they know more about me than I do myself. You can scoop from a full bucket, my bucket was full and I've had enough of scooping. And I'll tell you, read my book, but, don't dare believe you know anything about me.

Statement Chief Judge, High Court and Court of Appeal Hamburg, Germany: "The woman nobody can figure out......."
The mission of the Joyful Heart Foundation brings healing, enlightenment and strength for the survivors of sexual abuse, domestic violent and child abuse and bring light into this dark area,

Marleen November 2010 BLUE SKIES!

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